Project Lifecycle

"Let's work together to produce a stunning project that your business and I can be proud of"

Introductory Meeting

After we have made initial contact, I would look to arrange a meeting so we could discuss your project in person. This gives me an opportunity to understand your expectations from myself and gives me a chance to tell you about my process and how we can work together to help take your business to the next level.


This is the exciting bit! You will really start to get a good idea of the look and feel of your brand new website. But don't worry, the work I produce for you here is not final. I will not continue on to the development until you are 100% happy with how your new website is going to look.


Once everything has been approved, we move onto the development of the site (this is the geeky bit!) I will build your website, as per the designs that you approve. Any systems you require will be implemented at this stage and will be ready for the next step.


Now that your website structure is built, we move to the content phase of the process. Prior to this, I will ask you to send me any content that you would like to add to the site. Once this has been sent over, I will put this onto the site for you. From here, I will also take a look at the basic SEO fundamentals, including meta tags and making sure headings are all correct, giving you the best opportunity for your Google ranking to increase.


Once your project hits this stage, we are practically ready to go. Full testing across the major web browsers and devices (Mobile and Tablet) will be under taken. This is to make sure your website is working accordingly and how you envisioned it to do so from our first meeting. Once you are happy and I am happy, it will be time to launch your brand new website!

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