Home Refurb

Web Design & Logo Design


Home Refurb are a small company based in South East London, specialising in high quality home refurbishment.

They were open to potentially changing their brand’s identity, and approached me to provide visual ideas for them to ponder over. I produced a new logo and a fresh website design.

What did I provide?

I worked from a limited brief, so I appoached this with an open mind to the refurbishment industry. When creating the logo, I made sure to keep their brand colours, but was looking to incorporate something a bit more unique. That's why I added the icon of the builder as a replacement to the letter "O".

With the website design, I spent a while researching and having a look at Home Refurb's competitors. A lot of these styles of websites are too text heavy, have little/low resolution images or just feel really out dated. With this, I wanted to achieve something clean and easy for the user to be able to use.


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